October 2, 2020

D5 Supervisor Candidate Forum

In lieu of our monthly October community meeting, LoHaMNA will be hosting a District 5 Supervisor Candidate Forum. All candidates are invited. The public is encouraged to submit questions for the candidates to: LowerHaight415@gmail.com

Date: Monday October 12, 2020

Time: 7:30pm-8:30pm

Where: Via Zoom – Event Link

This forum is nonpartisan, free, and open to all. The candidates will be asked questions submitted by the residents of Lower Haight, District 5, and the board of LoHaMNA. The moderator will give each candidate equal time to answer every question. Please join us in learning about the candidates, their solutions for D5, and why they deserve your vote!

The Lower Haight Merchants & Neighbors Association does not support or oppose any of the candidates or political parties. This forum is meant to give voters a chance to learn more before casting their vote and allow the candidates to present their views on the issues.


Daniel Landry: https://daniellandry2020.com/

Nomvula O’meara: https://votenomvula.nationbuilder.com/

Vallie Brown: https://www.votevallie.com/

Dean Preston: https://www.votedean.com/

About District 5 & The Position (Supervisor)

D5 includes the Inner Sunset, Haight-Ashbury, Cole Valley, Lower Haight, Hayes Valley, Alamo Square, Fillmore/Western Addition, Japantown, Cathedral Hill, Lower Pacific Heights, North of the Panhandle, and Tank Hill. D5 also includes the northern side of the UCSF Parnassus Heights campus and Mount Zion.

The Board of Supervisors is the legislative branch of the City and County of San Francisco. The Board consists of 11 members, each of whom represent their respective districts. The Board of Supervisors act as the city council, approving the city budget (after being proposed by the mayor), establishing city policies, adopting ordinances and resolutions, and assisting with key mayoral appointees. The Board of Supervisors are limited to two successive four-year terms in office.

Rules & Format


  • Candidates will respect the time limits imposed by the moderator and will stop speaking when asked to do so.
  • It is expected that candidates are respectful of each other.
  • Personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  • Each candidate’s 2 minutes of time will be uninterrupted by other candidates.


  • The forum will start with each candidate making an opening statement.  These statements will be limited to 2 minutes each.
  • Following opening statements, the moderator will ask a series of questions, with each candidate being allowed to address the question for 2 minutes.  The order for addressing each question will be randomly generated in advance of the forum by the moderator (using a computer-based random order generator).
  • Questions will be sourced from the Lower Haight & District 5 community, including the LoHaMNA board.
  • The forum will close with each candidate allowed to make a closing statement. These statements will be limited to 2 minutes each.  This time will offer each candidate an opportunity to speak about themselves, rather than make charges or attacks that have not been previously raised during the debate.