August 1, 2017

LoHaMNA Community Micro-Grant Application and Program

The Lower Haight Merchants and Neighbors Association Community Micro-Grant Program.

LoHaMNA MicroGrants are small grants designed to have a macro impact for the Lower Haight Community. Merchants, residents, neighbors and members of the community are eligible to apply in the form of reimbursements for implements projects that benefit the Lower Haight community.

LoHaMNA Overview

The Lower Haight Merchants and Neighbors Association supports a safe, thriving and inclusive Lower Haight by advocating for merchants & neighbors, promoting the neighborhood, and engaging merchants & neighbors

LoHaMNA offers the following value to our community by:

  • Putting on quarterly Lower Haight Art Walks in conjunction with local merchants
  • Holding monthly Board meetings that address safety and overall community development
  • Serving as liaison to District 5 Supervisor’s office
  • Providing a forum for police & city representatives to collaborate and share plans for protecting and preserving the Lower Haight
  • Organizing Public Realm projects, such as streets, sidewalks and public places
  • Facilitating transportation and land use projects

LoHaMNA MicroGrant Guidelines

  • Any group or individual working, volunteering or living in the Lower Haight Community is eligible to apply for up to $1000 in MicroGrants per calendar year. Individuals and groups may apply for any number of MicroGrants per year provided that yearly totals do not exceed $1000.
  • Lower Haight MicroGrants are issued twice per year. Application periods for MicroGrants end September 30th and March 30th. Following a 2 month selection period and input from the community – grants will be notified of their selection. Following implementation of projects, LoHaMNA will issue grants in the form of reimbursements.
  • The LoHaMNA MicroGrant Committee comprises board members and community representatives who live, work and/or volunteer in Lower Haight. The committee reviews grants and submits recommendations for approval by the LoHaMNA Board of Directors.
  • LoHaMNA MicroGrants are awarded to those applications and initiatives that best serve LoHaMNA priorities and the Lower Haight Community. Highest priorities are public art, streetscape improvements, increasing visits and economic viability, community building and public safety. Considerations include community impact, visibility, use of funds, fund matching, merchant/neighbor/nonprofit status, insurance, permits, public accessibility and benefit, demonstrate creativity, funding history, LoHaMNA recognition. Members of the Committee are limited to LoHaMNA members in good standing and may not vote or select projects proposed by themselves or direct family members. LoHaMNA MicroGrant program will practice and implement best ethics to limit any potentials for conflicts of interest.
  • MicroGrants are paid in the form of reimbursements after the opportunity has taken place and upon the submission and approval of the LoHaMNA MicroGrant Committee.
  • MicroGrant Committee will periodically review these guidelines and will make change recommendations to the LoHaMNA Board of Directors.

Application process

  • Apply – Apply for a LoHaMNA MicroGrant at least 60 days in advance of the opportunity you are pursuing; retroactive requests will not be accepted. 
  • Hear Back – Wait for LoHaMNA to contact applicants via email or in person with follow-up questions and presentation questions for community engagement
  • Implementation – If your ROI MicroGrant application is approved, pursue the opportunity for which you were approved.
  • Report – Within 30 days of the conclusion of project proposal submit request for reimbursement from LoHaMNA Microgrant program. Include a financial report of project expenditures, including receipts for reimbursement and a list of other project sponsors.  Include a summary of the following:
    • What measurable goals did you set for this project and how did it perform?
    • What activities towards your goals took place?
    • For projects directly serving people, how many people were served? Were they residents?
    • For events, how many people attended? How much money was raised? Any other sponsors?
    • How did the project meet LoHaMNA’s priorities?
    • Attach materials associated with the project (publications, photos, media coverage, etc.)
  • Payment – MicroGrants are awarded in the form of reimbursements. All reimbursements are made via check, PayPal or other common payment form.


What are some examples of opportunities thatLoHaMNA MicroGrants can cover?

The Lower Haight Merchant and Neighbors Association is committed to the beautification, maintenance, development and support of the Lower Haight. Grant applications can include events open to the public, building repairs, greening projects, art installation, community engagement events, educational forums, creative workshops etc. The opportunities are open to any project at the most basic level that support and engage the Lower Haight Community.

In the context of LoHaMNA MicroGrant Program, what is the definition of “calendar year”?

A “calendar year” is January 1 to December 31 of any given year. However, please note that applications for LoHaMNA MicroGrants from the current year’s funding pool must be submitted by September 30th and March 30th of each year.

How many grantees does LoHaMNA Support per year?

Currently LoHaMNA supports two projects each with a maximum reimbursement value of $1000 per year.

Where do the funding sources for the grants come from?

Membership dues to LoHaMNA. LoHaMNA collects membership dues from members. These payments are collated and used to build reserves for the project.

Who is on the MicroGrant Committee?

Board members from the Lower Haight Merchant and Neighbors Association make up the committee that manage the Lower Haight Merchant and Neighbors Association MicroGrant Program.

Application Requirements:

Full Name or Group Name:

Contact Telephone: 

Contact Email: 

Relationship to Lower Haight Community:

Project Proposal: 

Describe Project Briefly:

Project goal: 

Event details, including promotional strategy:

How this project benefits the Lower Haight community:

How LoHaMNA will be recognized?

Project budget, including funds requested for reimbursement?

Start Date For Project:

End Date for Project:

Email above requirements and or questions to

PDFs, drawings and other supporting documents are welcome.

Applications and submissions can be made in person at LOHAMNA monthly meetings.