LoHaMNA was busy in 2017!

We have made quite a few strides over the last 18 mos. to help the hood. A few of our accomplishments:


  1. Represented neighborhood’s desire to push back with Planning Commission to keep formula retail out of Lower Haight because of concerns on increased rents and neighborhood character. Locally run and financed Cafe Reveille will be opening at the corner of Waller and Steiner instead.
  2. Secured $11,000 each for Cafe Int’l and Two Jacks to help with tenant improvements on their spaces as legacy businesses
  3. On 400 block of Haight, helped Rooky Ricardo’s store establish legacy status so they can afford the rent on their space, be eligible for other City grants, and continue as a unique destination record store in our neighborhood
  4. Slated to fiscally sponsor a $50,000 installation of walk stops with directional tourist signage and historical sidewalk plaques at the corner of Haight & Fillmore @ CVS location.
  5. Worked with SPARC (medical cannabis dispensary in 400 block of Haight) to establish a fund for neighborhood projects (see below Micro-Grant) with  almost $10,000 over 2 years.
  6. Launched our micro-grant program w/ LoHaMNA monies for merchants and neighbors, to help with specific needs and to improve operations and aesthetics of their building. More at: http://www.lohamna.org/lohamna-community-micro-grant-application-and-program/
  7. Secured a $50,000 grant for ephemeral art projects (juried selection) to appear in Lower Haight this Fall
  8. Supported the Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor project, which improves street safety, adds greening and improves stormwater management
  9. Preserved the left hand turn on Divisadero onto Haight so southbound traffic can still turn into our neighborhood
  10. Worked with Bike Share program to locate the bike share bikes in key locations in Lower Haight.
  11. Sponsored the Quarterly Art Walk to engage neighbors & merchants in our commercial district which had been on hold due to extensive construction on Lower Haight. Relaunched November 2017.
  12. Worked with 600 block of Haight building owner to facilitate the placement of in a thriving retailer (Concept 47) making custom jewelry, lotions and leather goods.
  13. Worked with building owner in 600 block of Haight to ensure new social services zoning still retained a  retail / business profile
  14. Worked with John Muir School to accept significant donations to their programs from Danny Coyles bar
  15. Sponsored installation of new Bronze /Pink Bunny project in 300 block of Haight in front of new Haight Street Arts Center
  16. Worked with Friends of Urban Forest (FUF) to do first tree planting campaign in Lower Haight in over a decade. More to come next Spring in conjunction with Dept. of Urban Forestry.
  17. Helped attract frozen custard business next to the Grind, activating space that had been vacant for years.
  18. Worked with Supervisor Breed and Northern Police Station to clamp down on vagrancy and drug dealing in 500 block of Haight (near corner of Steiner). A new swing swift (2 p.m.-midnight) cop beat in Lower Haight will begin March 2018.

If you are a paid member and are interested in joining our board to help with 2018 priorities, please email Lawrence Li at
lawrence@bureausf.com by Friday, January 26.

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