1.8.18 Public Meeting

  1. Let’s Be Real San Francisco (LBRSF) campaign – http://www.letsberealsf.org/
    1. Alison Jones, ajones@fivecorners.com
    2. a coalition of concerned citizens opposing the devastating ban on flavored tobacco products up for a vote in the June 2018 municipal election
    3. Talking Points
      1. There are real problems in the city that need to be addressed. But instead of fixing these, they spend their time trying to ban adult choices.
      2. Banning these products won’t work as prohibitions have failed.
      3. Tobacco products and their retailers already face some of the strictest state and local regulations
      4. Vaping may be the most successful and widely accessible tool to help smokers transition away from smoking
      5. “Mom & pop” corner stores and neighborhood markets will be hurt by the ban.
  2. London Breed’s New Legislative Aide
    1. Andrea Bruss
      1. Feel free to contact her with issues, andrea.bruss@sfgov.org
  3. Open Forum
    1. LoHaMNA Board member positions are open.  If you want to run, please email Lawrence at lawrence@bureausf.com
    2. Community Member–Lynne
      1. All internet is going to be upgraded to 5G. A proposed antenna was supposed to go up in the Lower Haight on public property.  Cellular phone companies will be able to put their antennas anywhere tridirectional without being regulated. There has only been a tentative approval from the Board of Supervisors.
      2. Wants
        1. Revisit master licenses because we are going to be affected by the high wireless wave frequencies.
        2. We need a letter of protest sent to DPW by January 11th, 2018. Lynne will write a letter.