1.9.2017 January Public Meeting Minutes

LoHaMNA meeting Jan 9, 2017


  1. Jasmine from Friends of Urban Forest

How can we get more trees on our streets?

On April 22 Lower Haight, Western Addition, Duboce Triangle will be doing tree planning activity  

Snapshot of all areas where trees can go in neighborhood (~300-500 new trees are planned)

How can LoHaMNA do outreach to get more trees in the neighborhood?

Property owners can fill out a form to get a tree, neighbors can post planting resources on listservs, FUF has a list of homeowners in neighborhood who have space for a tree, FUF planning an envelope stuffing party,

LoHaMNA noted lots of trees down in Lower Haight so reached out to FUF and took about 2 years to be on their planting cycle, operating cost for tree is $500 but co-pay with property owner is $130 for 3 year tree care

Question about how to replace trees that are not well taken care of (before Prop E if DPW approved of planting, owner was responsible for planning and maintaining care of tree so FUF working on how can we move this forward after Prop E is implemented

Question about how to get more mature tree- they are better able to withstand vandalism but not more likely to survive new shock of transport/replants and roots taken since been sitting in pot for longer and higher co-pay of $435

Question of how to follow-up if tree cut down illegally? Answer to call 311, hold them accountable, minimum fine is $1800 to property owner if it is reported so that we can protect the trees that we have in our neighborhood

How do we go about informing people that they risk a fine if they illegally cut down a tree? Can mail a letter to all property owners that FUF does not advocate for illegal cutting down of trees and how you can legally remove trees

Jasmine stated needs help canvassing, reaching out to businesses, big property managers, planning on hosting a happy hour in Feb (possibly at someone’s home), deadline to get tree form in is March 15 for property owners, posting in Next Door/book club/PTA/other neighborhood association, etc

Electronic copies of maps, list of addresses, tree forms to be disseminated via LoHaMNA

Will consider date of Feb 6 or 13 for FUF tree planting Happy hour


  1. Josie from Walk SF- advocate for safer SF streets for those who walk

SFMTA is doing a project on Page Street which is a green connection (route that supposed to be green with permeable pavement, rain gardens, safer and more enjoyable for walkers and bikers) but usually unfunded and Page St is one of first projects that is funded by Planning

Wider sidewalks, more bulb-outs so that pedestrians more visible and don’t have as far to cross, raised sidewalks/extended speed bumps so that pedestrian more visible near John Muir school/Koshland park

Page Street is downhill so question about how we are going to accommodate cyclists- answer is working with Bicycle Coalition and so far they approve of proposal

SFMTA is proposing one speed bump between Webster and Buchanan (fire dept wants speed table vs full speed bump)

Last time to give feedback to SFMTA if Lower Haight Public Realm Open house in Feb (exact date TBD)

Asked about the intersection of Franklin/Market/Page and answer is that it is a hub project

Asked about if we can removed green sharows on Wiggle and Josie said that out of the scope of Walk SF

Next steps are that it goes before the SFMTA Board and project will go in the summer so time to give community input at the open house or email Josie prior to that. Board needs to approve any changes to the street/sidewalk

This is all linked to Public Realm street improvement, but that is led by Planning Dept

Walk SF also has monthly walks and always looking for volunteers


  1. Corinne with Urban Solutions

Building better neighborhoods one business at a time

Two pronged approach: help fill commercial vacancies and help businesses get into affordable spaces and then help with loan packages (help business connect with lenders)

Expanding work citywide and focusing on Lower Haight

Assess needs of business owners in LH, esp if lease up for re-negotiation in next 2 years, for example helping a business owner who is interested in opening a storefront and drafting counter offer to landlord and helping negotiate

These services are free of charge

Will also help property owners fill vacancies

Utilize the economic development neighborhood perspective- know that high rents not ideal for other commercial owners

Contact Corinne with any concerns/issues, esp if you are a property owner

Fair market value of rents don’t allow small business survive and thrive- planning on coming out with a public statement to this regard

Average $3 per square foot in LH currently but landlords asking for $5-7 currently

Can work with business to achieve legacy status

Asking about update for Lee’s Popular Market- update is that have applied for permits but still working with tenants

Do we have a wish list of types of businesses we want in LH? Urban Solutions created a survey in past to ask members so will re-send it

Part of operational grant from Supervisor Breed’s office

Thea suggested Urban Solutions partner with Calle 24/lower 24th

If you know anyone who wants to start a business or interested in particular vacancy- refer to Urban Solutions for free business services, contact info for long time vacancy (will send out Google spreadsheet)

What to do if people are living illegally in commercial space? Hard to address by Urban Solutions so refer to Planning Dept/call 311 and file illegal use violation


  1. Jeremy Fish/Pink Bunny update

Feb 4 from 3p-5p we will celebrate bronze bunny- will be installed as a tribute to LH and its history of street art followed by Art Walk at 55 Laguna

Jeremy Fish from LH, Mario Martinez still living in LH

How can we get the local merchants involved in this Art Walk?

Scavenger hunt as a possible idea so that you go from merchant to merchant