10.9.17 Public Meeting Minutes

  1. Haight Street Art Center–Peter
    1. Working with Jeremy Fish who would like to have a reception, possibly early November
    2. Any businesses want to hang up fliers?
  1. Micro Grant Winner
    1. Jean Marx from Cove
      1. Trees Lights for the 200 blk of Fillmore
  2. Art Walk
    1. Potential dates–Saturday 6p-10p
      1. December 2nd
      2. December 9th
    2. Thoughts?
      1. Close the streets?
        1. Already lots parking taken away
      2. Year stop time TBA
      3. HSAC would like to help out
  3. 400 Divisadero proposed development
    1. Community Meeting on Wednesday 10.11 @ 6-7:30p at Ida B Wells
  4. John Muir needs a new hand dryer for
    1. https://www.gofundme.com/dryer-for-john-muir
  5. By-Laws posted
    1. Who wrote them?
      1. Combination of board members and members at large, mirrored on other org’s By Laws
    2. Non Profit Status
      1. 501 c(6)
      1. Questions posed by Brian Brooks (asked to send questions to email or to be posted on Facebook/publicly)
    1. Term limits
    2. Governance Committee
      1. Hal suggested we have a committee to deal with the By Laws
  6. Open Forum
    1. Traffic/Transit
      1. More advocacy could be present here
      2. Plan for time limits on turns from Oak and Haight to Octavia
      3. Plan to reduce solo drivers
      4. More rapid transit buses in the Octavia street
      5. Lower Haight is now a high pollution zone in SF due to traffic
      6. Stop Lights on Haight
        1. Cost benefit analysis needed
    2. Businesses are dying here
      1. 3 businesses have left the 400 block of Haight due