11.13.17 Public Meeting Minutes

  1. Art Walk – Saturday December 9th from 3p-8p
    1. Haight from Scott to Laguna
  2. Haight Street Art Center (email Gio at gacosta1@gmail.com)
    1. Screen printing demonstration and Q & A with Jeremy Fish
  3. Nominating Committee to be set by January
    1. Slate to be set by January 14th and to be voted on by paying members on February 12th
  4. Merchant’s Financial relief ideas for Haight St. sewer/water project
    1. Owner of Kate’s Kitchen, Hasan, wants to start a campaign to get funding from London Breed’s office
  5. Merchants Gathering for Legacy Businesses
    1. Construction Mitigation Committee (Nikki) wants to help merchants get some money to make up for lack of foot traffic due to street construction
      1. SF Shine is an option
  6. Neighborhood Street Construction Update (Alex.Murrillo@sfdpw.org) 11/9
    1. Done by 11/22 except for the lights
      1. Jackhammering is done
    2. 11/17 Paving on Haight street between Fillmore and Laguna
    3. No update to the Wiggle project
  7. Neighborhood Watch/Patrol (Alicia)
    1. Two incidents of theft in the last month. At their Oakland location, they have a patrol person they can call.
    2. Beat cop could be a possibility for the neighborhood. SF Shine could be an option as well.
  8. New Businesses
    1. Concept 47
      1. On Haight Between Steiner and Pierce since April 2017
      2. Want to continue to do events
  9. Ozzy from Noe Neighborhood Council (noeneighborhoodcouncil.com)
    1. Advocates for sensible densification, ex: Lawton project
    2. Residential National Expansion Threshold
      1. Demolition controls are removed and historic resource value in diminished
        1. 1.8 Floor Area Ratio
        2. Builds up, displaces current residents, could remove affordable buildings, etc.
      2. Planning commission is voting on December 7th