12.12.2016 December Public Meeting Minutes

Monday, December 12, 2016
Black Sands Brewery, 701 Haight Street
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Present: Amy Chan, Mark, Robert Patterson, Shireen Seif, Gio Acosta, Michael Gaines, Thea Selby, Luanne, Joel Freston, Bruce, Eli, Robert Johnstone, Brian, Tracey (DPW)
Meeting called to order at 7:33pm

1. Bronze Bunny
Thea reported on the progress of the permanent Bronze Bunny installation. The installation will be a 10 ft. statue at Laguna/Haight (215 Haight). Artist Jeremy Fish will throw installation party on 2/4/17, which is the same day as LoHaMNA art walk. Party may incorporate scavenger hunt with prizes.

2. Ground Play
Robert reported on progress of SF Planning’s $50k grant for art installation in Lower Haight. Planning is writing the Request for Proposal and will have parameters for the grant. Anyone can come up with any concept within parameters for Lower Haight. The Castro’s rainbow crosswalks are an example of a project.
Brian requested that LoHaMNA post the RFP on its website. Robert suggesting inviting Planning to come to community meeting and invite residents to brainstorm ideas. Robert has also talked to Jeremy Fish/Upper Playground who knows a lot of local artists.

3. Urban Solutions
Robert Patterson reported on progress of Urban Solutions outreach in the Lower Haight. Through funding from Supervisor London Breed, Urban Solutions can act as real estate owner for owners, renegotiate leases for merchants, and provide general business support.
Brian suggested that Urban Solutions address retail spaces that are not being used for retail purposes, like psychic reader, Upper Playground, and peacock store. Michael suggested that residents call 311 to register the complaints to Planning for enforcement. Robert Patterson suggested inviting Karin Jentell from Urban Solutions to answer questions and provide update.

4. Alchemy Garden
Michael reported that Alchemy Garden at 55 Laguna has opened citywide lottery for planting spots.
Thea added that 55 Laguna’s open space needs kiosk, dog run, or public programming to fill out the space.

5. DPW Presentation
Tracey from SF Department of Public Works is public information officer and community liaison to Lower and Upper Haight. For concerns on overflowing trash bins, call 311 or Tracey.

6. Friends of Urban Forest
Mark reported on the progress of designating tree plantings in the Lower Haight. Friends of the Urban Forest will plant trees in empty wells on 4/22/17. The cost will be $135/small tree and $400 for large tree. Deadline to apply is 3/15/17.
LoHaMNA will host happy hour with FUF in lieu of January meeting to provide information on planting to residents. Joel suggested adding merchants to FUF email list so merchants can lobby owners.

7. Public Safety
Robert Johnstone reported on calling Northern and Park Stations to be aware of public safety complaints in the neighborhood.

Tracey suggested reaching out to SF Safe to organize neighborhood watch and considering hiring off duty police officers for support.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:29pm