2.13.17 February Public Meeting Minutes

LoHaMNA Board meeting February 13, 2017

Call to order 638p

Board members present: Michael Gaines, Amy Chan, Makela Clay, Robert Patterson, Gio Acosta, Pratima Gupta, Robert Johnstone

  1.       Introductions
  2.       SF Rate Payer Advocate with Recology
  3.       Carolina Morales
  4.                                                                     6 month process
  5.                                                                   Outside company hired by SF Public Works to communicate with neighbors why rate increase, outreach and public input

                                                           iii.      Reason rates changing: due to updates in technology and infrastructure (accept wood, metal textiles) with goal of zero waste

  1.                                                                 February- Public Works will hold technical workshop on the final application on Feb 28 from (ratepayers will receive notice by mail)
  2.                                                                   March and April-
  3.                                                                 May- Prop 218 hearing

                                                         vii.      June

                                                       viii.      July- new rates go into effect July 1, 2017

  1.                                                                 Currently 16% increase (last increase 2 years ago— unsure of exact percentage). The percentage is under discussion (part of the reason for these hearings)
  2.                                                                   Commercial and residential impacted differently (will look into the impact on businesses)
  3.      All of SF is Recology but divided into two (Sunset Scavenger and Golden Gate Scavenger)
  4.                                                                     Recology tried many strategies to see what would work to keep neighborhoods clean
  5.                                                                   Does Recology have a residential advocate? Unsure
  6.       Rate Payer advocate role is to provide all sides of the issue
  7.       Pink bunny flag- if you renew certain level of membership
  8.       Bronze bunny unveiling/kick off near Laguna and Haight- exact date TBD

Adjourned 724p