2018.11.12 LoHaMNA Agenda & Public Minutes

LoHaMNA 11/12/2018 Meeting

Agenda Topics

  • General Introductions


  • Meet David Chiu, your State Assembly Member for California’s 17th District

– Assemblymember Chiu provided a brief biography and shared his legislative focus and efforts in Sacramento:

– Addressing the Housing Crisis

Fighting Trump administration both against and through lawsuits regarding reproductive rights and census requirements

He is currently the housing community development chair and head of proposition 1 and 2 providing housing for mental health and homelessness. David is also extending tenant protections and streamlined supportive housing.  David believes that a multi-pronged system and solution is needed to solve California’s housing challenges while working with a multi-city perspective. He initiated a legal campaign to protect civil, progressive topics and neighbors.  

Assemblymember Chiu answered a few questions from audience members including concerns about the housing accountability act law and his support of housing on BART-owned properties.  There were also questions about how to tackle 5G Cell Tower unit installations by telecomms, traffic flow around Haight and Market, and standardization of planning processes.

More info @ https://a17.asmdc.org/article/biography

  • Presentation about Neighborhood Walk Stops (James Munden, Marta Fry Landscape Associates)  

James explained the project and current maintenance needs regarding the new seating, plantings and historical plaques embedded in the sidewalk on the bus bulbouts at Haight and Fillmore (in front of Intl Cafe and CVS).

Survey taken at meeting of what people think about the new Haight and Fillmore Muni stops — overall very positive; consensus is that it is a great improvement to the corner.

However, current walkstop elements are not well maintained, there needs to be more community/tenant/bldg owner management and care.  Supervisor Vallie Brown has committed additional funds for street cleaners in LH. James will create a maintenance manual to help with how to maintain the walkstop.

There is a website being developed to explain the interesting facts on the plaques.  We will link this to Lohamna.org when available. Trying to extract interesting stories of the neighborhood in the plaques, pedestrian wayfinding, etc.

A temporary walk stop will be placed in front of Black Sands located at Haight and Pierce, to showcase what will be a permanent fixture at Haight and Fillmore.  Any input on the design can be directed to James Munden (jamesmunden@mflasf.com)

  • Updates on Lower Haight Art Walk and the multi-neighborhood Art Trail SF Project

Robert Patterson provided updates on the new initiative to link Lower Haight, Alamo Square, Hayes Valley and Divisadero merchant corridors through a self guided map and documentation of murals, public art, etc. as part of a new Art Trail SF (#arttrailsf on Instagram).

More information to come shortly regarding launch of maps, website etc. Separately, date for Lower Haight Art Walk in December, TBD.


  • Open Forum
  1. Discussion on Board letter and next steps for organizing neighborhood associations to address the 5G Antenna Installations  
  2. Board vote of support requires quorum
  3. Next meeting is Monday, December 10


End Meeting