2019.04.08 LoHaMNA Agenda & Public Minutes

  1. Introductions/Welcome by President  
  1. Call for Proposals for 2019 LoHaMNA Micro-Grants ($1,000 each)

Members pay dues and then this is a way to give back and you can apply online. You don’t have to be a member or resident to apply.  

  1. 400 Divisadero Project (presentation by David Kriozere/Genesis Living)
  • Worked with community input on 3 designs and ended up with (LINK to PPT). 
  • 186 rentals and 1 out of 5 below market rate units run by Mayor office of housing- neighborhood preference program. 
  • 8100 sq ft retail with small local business (not formula retail and open to suggestions).  The city requires to have mixed use in this neighborhood. The space can be divided in many ways. 
  • 65 ft tall on Divisadero and 45ft tall on Oak.  175 bike parking and 57 car spots.  
  • Purpose is to bridge gaps and the purpose is to connect the merchant and neighborhood corridors. 
  • David has asked for insights from neighborhood over years  to get better insight into varying perspectives of retail and rental units. 
  • May 16 is the SF planning commission meeting. Then a year for permits and two years to build. They are planning to have financing before the permitting process.  David has experience with One Rincon building.  
  • Questions from the group re which gas plant is going away (Arco is staying and Shell is going).
  • Questions regarding 20% BMR rate and the process of how designs came about over the 4 years. 

More info @ http://400divisadero.com/wp-content/uploads/LoHaMNA-Community-Meeting-Presentation.pdf

  1. Lower Haight/Divisadero Art Project (presentation by Darcy Brown, SF Beautiful)
  • SF Beautiful started in 1947 to stop the destruction of Trolley Cars. Stopped billboards on every tall building and helped create outdoor cafes and preserved SF’s stairways. Saved historic lamps on Van Ness – they are old Trolley polls. 
  • Recent projects include wrapping 20 utility boxes with art from local artists and creating art panels for the Muni buses, where ads are usually posted; 2019 artists have been announced.  3rd Monday of October is SF Beautiful awards ceremony. 
  • This year’s Muni art theme is “Hidden Gems” and applicants can enter by May 13 – Muni Art 2020.  
  • Art on Site Projects – another project of SF Beautiful – include a “No More Mean People” mural in collaboration with  400 Divisadero. Working on more murals on the other side facing the Arco station. 
  • Art on Site meetings offer representation from different communities. Goal is to build a coalition and voice to address empty storefronts. Ideas include putting art, as well as providing studio display space for students from and Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing (FIDM) New ways to use space.  More info @ SFBeauitful.org
  1. New Neighborhood Merchant – VRV3 Studios
  • Aerial Arts and Dance study at 520 Haight with classes mainly at night. Soft opening in May. 
  • First location is in North Beach and the Haight location is bigger with dance and aerial and more. Community is part of mission, as is the goal to be impactful and holistic in their approach to wellness – all inclusive. Family space is in the works; kids program in the works.  More info @ vrv3studios.com (old restructure space) 
  1. Play Streets Outreach – Maya Rodgers  
  • Livable City who puts on Sunday Streets- programing your block. Neighbors wanting to meet your neighbors. Activate your street to close it off and have a block party with toys, vendors and more.  
  • Idea came from MTA to set up and have system to help with permits.
  • SFPlayStreet.org 415-344-0489 $100 application fee for three events within a year. Permitting takes 6 weeks.
  • Low cost delivery, no porta potties, no jumpy houses, but Lohamna can sponsor. Yes Halloween. 
  • GREAT BLOCK PARTY opportunity.  
  1. Topics for May Meeting

May 4 is Lower Haight Art Walk 4pm to 8pm 

Email for any new agenda items to lowerhaight415@gmail.com 

Open Forum

  1. Fillmore/Waller Sidewalk Gardens Micro-Grant Application David Floyd
    1. David asking for help to support garden clean up, fences, trimming, planting and repair. $2,800 a year.  Constant trash pick up and work of art (looks effortless and really work of art). 
  2. 5G Wireless Transmitters
    1. Yoram asked about letter and e-vote on Friday and send out to the group for input. 
    2. City of SF won in lawsuit against T Mobile  (aesthetic reasons can be a reason to not have a cell phone)