2019.07.08 LoHaMNA Agenda & Public Minutes

Agenda Topics


  • IntroductionsThea S, Julia Prochnik, Michael G, Scott H, Natalie B, Damon H, Nikki C, Abe W, Brian S, Carrie B, Nikki C, Mike D




      • Abe Williams is the owner (448 Haight & 218 Fillmore has P/T)
      • Focused on “Compressed Morbity,” human life-span starts to decline starting at about 55, wants to shift that further out
      • Strength-training, not body-building, slow model, medical-grade equipment and totally supervised (detailed diagnostic)
      • 20 minutes once a week, consistent approach to work a muscle group, 3 mth/6 mth intervals
      • Large clientele of women over 50, hormonal changes addressed as part of the training
      • Questions
        1. Is there a new member fee? Might be open to offering. 
        2. Does Everstrong SF take insurance? No.
        3. What happens to the data they track? That information is firewalled/private, but not shared per se.


  • Intro to SF Shines: Darcy Bender and Nicola Fleming, part of OEWD, under Invest in Neighborhoods
    • SF Shines is a storefront improvement program, there is now funding via Invest in Neighborhoods (24 corridors); one on one liaison, Nichole is the Lower Fillmore liason (6 of the neighborhoods have point people/liaisons) 
    • July 1, 2019 budget approved
    • Options for Program Roll Out, $250K total, but $125K
      • SF Shines Classic — full service, design, grants for construction (up to $25K), project mng, high minimum reqs (3 – 5) 
      • SF Shines Express — nonprofit is given grant to run the program, different min reqs and limited scope of work (like signage, sidewalk) (15 – 20)
      • SF Shines Window Display Project — artists paired with business owner, seasonal or once a month (50)
    • Questions
      1. Can LoHaMNA be a fiscal sponsor/nonprofit? We’d have to answer the RFP in the fall
      2. ADA usage? Only exterior, but if so–yes.
      3. Can we do combos of express/classic/shine? Yes
      4. Tenant vs. owner support for window displays? Yes
      5. What about storefronts facing side street? Yes (within a block)
      6. Upper and Lower Haight? Clarification needed.
      7. Does it have to be retail, what about office space? They’ve done nonprofit before. Dave Eggers example of Valencia 826
      8. Does LoHaMNA need to do outreach? No, she has had 3 businesses reach out already.
      9. Nikki of Two Jaks got it before.







  • Q & A with Northern District SFPD
    • Lt. Hamilton attended, filling in for Capt. Engler
    • Officer Hom footbeat attended, stand in for Officer Imhoff, who is going to be our new footbeat, shared with Hayes Valley
    • Open up lines of communication, more presence in 2019
    • Previously in the Tenderloin as Sgt.11am – 9pm watch will be staffed 
    • Questions
      1. Can we get a training on how to report crimes and get effective response (more low-key than HVNA/DTNA)? 
      2. General loitering in front O’Looney’s/Molotov/Vinyl Dreams
      3. Prior beat cop (Gordon Moore) – swing shift support neededExplained a battery charge as misdemeanor, citation issued for court date, 5150 to remove him from the street; powers of arrest are limited (unless it’s a felony)
      4. ex-Felon (Homocide) at Molotov’s (violence), on parole for 2 ½ months
        • Reports in June and two last fall
        • 911 calls (no reports)
        • No videos for incidences not report
        • 100 yard stay away from 582 Haight St; June 5th was last time
        • Parole Violation Warrant is active as of today
      5. Réveille mugging and laptop theft of diner
        • Suspects were apprehended
        • Valerie/Digital Review Officer
        • Reveille should be notified
      6. Offer a How-to in the neighborhood/community meeting; Hamilton says yes to hosting
        • Helpful to explain what SFPD can and can’t do; property is up/crimes of oppty (how to be preventative); SF SAFE might be an option for the training
  • Art Walk/Play Streets Update
    • Changed from Aug 4 to Sept (no date yet)
    • Trying to coordinate with Play Streets as well (Pierce); Damon will follow back up with Gio



  • Micro-Grant
    • $1,000 project each quarter, re-imbursement based 
    • Earthen on Fillmore is last one approved for Q2
    • End of September for next one
    • Link on the website for applying



  • Neighborhood Projects — Sidewalk Gardens
    • Waller, Hermann & Buchanan
    • Volunteer slots full for Thu, Fri & Sat (July 11, 12 and 13)More trees for the Lower Haight coming to replace empty basins

  • Open Forum
    • SF NERT/SFFD program (Brian)
    • 6 night training to supplement the SFFD in case of major emergency, monthly classes
    • Hayes Valley/Lower Haight (60 trainees in Lower Haight)
    • Patricia’s Green is the rallying point, HAM radio communication to SFFD
    • Bldg check, light search and rescue, small fires, and gas being turned off
    • 24 – 72 hours residents would be without SFFD/SFPD support
    • Can we host a training? 40-80 required. Michael/Thea follow-up.