2018.03.12 LoHaMNA Agenda and Public Minutes



Attendee General Introductions


SF Mayoral Presentation

– Mayoral Invites Rescheduled for April meeting


Micro Grant Program

Anyone can apply 1k for 3/31/2018 Closure

> Information @ http://www.lohamna.org/lohamna-community-micro-grant-application-and-program/


Police Capt. Joseph Engler Presentation

SF native, loves being in LH, knows the neighborhood well, has been w/SFPD 23 years. Very enthusiastic. Attendee spoke to the vagrancy in 500 block. Last Tuesday of every month @ Northern Station @ 5-6 p.m.

Capt. Engler is going to check about deploying swingshift beat for LH as our current beat ends at 9 p.m., or some other resource based on discussion/agreement with prior Northern District Capt. JJ


Merchant Updates

Axum: has new contractor to finish paint job & new restaurant not Axum likely

The Lodge: tax violation they are out, new Sushi resto. moving in.

Nectar: applied for beer & wine license Niki’s: has been sold to Mad Dog,

Sushi Raw: new buyer in contract to buy building

Frozen Kustard: hopefully will open in March had problems w/ planning based on usage from commercial to food.

Peacock: Possibly host a future LoHaMNA at Peacock,


ADU Presentation – Rachel Malchow presented on process to convert garage or storage units into a dwelling unit. Explained waiver program to encourage development of apartments in former garages. Also discussed unwarranted in law conversion. On average 200K to convert unwarranted in law to cover construction, permits, etc. 400 applications in the que, under 100 have been approved. There is a working group now to help expedite this and make sure owners know all the details upfront and minimize bureaucracy. For more info to do this contact Rachel  Malchow, Architect rachel@malchow-architect.com (note: she is not with the City).


Victorian Alliance house tour – focused on Waller Haight & Paige. Sending invites and selecting homes at this time – Contact Lawrence Li (lawrence@bureausf.com) for more information.


Walk Stops – now in the hands of DPW, likely to be executed this Spring. Hal Fisher to share the copy (as it stands) for the historical LH Walk Stops for posting on LoHMANA site.


Open Forum