2018.04.16 LoHaMNA Agenda and Public Minutes

-Update on winners of the Q1 2018 microgrant.  Awarded to Groove Merchants and Concept 47


-Update on the Ford GoBike station at Haight/Pierce.   

London Breed has requested the station be removed based on some community feedback. 

LoHaHMA has been involved in the bikeshare project and determining itslocation for years and wrote a letter of support that the station not be moved.  LoHaMNA has not received any negative feedback on the location at Haight/Pierce


-Janice Lee with SF Bicycle Coalition

Described what the coalition does.  Promote the bicycle for everyday transportation.  Strong supporter of bike share.

-Alex with Motivate

Outreach happened about 2-3 years ago.  

There is an online survey to provide feedback on the Pierce/Haight bikeshare station, and bike share in general


Majority of the 50? people in attendance use bike share. There was no opposition to the station. Audience questioned why the City has not learned how to prevent incessant compaints about notification.

It was also pointed out that SFMTA shares much of the responsibility of how stations were implemented


-Andrea from Supervisor Breed

Concern given level of construction on Haight corridor

Palmyra concerns, did not receive any notification

Supv. Breed looking for a resolution that is acceptable to all.

Requesting more outreach, which is happening by Motivate


-SFMTA this was permitted in May 2017, but not installed due to construction conflict.  Outreach done in the past, but could be better in the future.


LoHaMNA was aware of station expansion as early as 2015 and advocated for stations on Haight St and on the Wiggle in order to bring customers to our merchant corridor and to improve visitor experience and accessibility


Mayoral Candidate Roundtable

Both London Breed (Debra) and Mark Leno (Thea Selby) sent a representative.  Jane Kim did not show or send a representative.


1) What are your solutions to empty retail storefronts in the Lower Haight, and in the city in general?  


Q1). London Breed (Debra)

Vacant property ordinance, expanding to storefronts and businesses. Many issues where owners are letting their spaces stay empty


Q1) Mark Leno (Thea)

Small business owner for 40 years.  Castro is 50% empty.  Take things more local.  SFMade (600+ companies are part of this)


Follow-up question:  Commercial rent control?

LB:  rent control is difficult because it is a state issue, is more complex.  We have talked about it, but it is restricted at the state level.  All ideas need to be considered.  Need to work with landlord community on this issue.  

ML:  rent increases are causing people to leave the city.  Would be great to tax Amazon, to shift some money from Amazon to local brick and mortar stores.  


2) Describe the specific leadership skills you have to balance the needs of the individual with the needs of the city?  For example, how would you handle the issue discussed earlier this evening regarding the BikeShare location?


Q2). ML:  Leno took a leadership position on city college, and put some legislation in place to keep revenues at the same level and allow them to grow for 4 years.  Made a potentially uncomfortable decision early, and stuck with it.  Very possible city college would be gone without this.  People matter, and the institutions matter, but you need to have a moral compass and take a leadership position.


LB:  Breed has worked with people in the arts for a long time, to overcome challenges artists face.  Those disconnected from opportunities.  Bringing people together to achieve a common goal is an essential trait of a leader.  Brought different departments together to find solutions to solve underlying issues in uninhabitable buildings (hoarders, etc.). 


3) We all know housing and homeless are key issues for the city, what are some other key priorities that the city is facing and how would you address them?


Q3) LB:  Street safety.  Increasing density on a transit corridor. 

More cops on the beat, increasing the police force.  


ML:  SF Promise, students on a path to elementary school through college.  Zero based budgeting, top to bottom audit to ensure spending tax payer dollars appropriately.  Vacancy tax on commercial properties.  Additional density on transit corridors.  Supporting Prop C and D


Audience comment:  What will candidates do about SF police culture, to de-escalate situations, rather than firing first?


LB: Breed working with community on use of tasers as a first step.  Making reforms on use of force.

ML: New mayor will be able to assign the police commission.  Against the tasers.


Audience comment: Local school teachers are leaving because it is too expensive.  What are your solutions?


LB: Regional planning needs to ensure that developers can build affordable so that there is affordable housing for the people in the middle income.  

ML: Board of Education is currently building housing for teachers.  Takes a long time (20 years in the making).  Increasing salary of teachers is important.  Need to value our educators 


AirBNB – Callie and Sarah from community outreach team at AirBNB

-Agreement with city of SF.  Everyone on the platform is in compliance in SF.  As of 2018, AirBNB has removed anyone that is not in compliance to operate a short term rental.  Quarterly reports submitted to the city to ensure compliance.  Hotel tax is being remitted to the city.   Average AirBNB host has lived in the city for 22 years.  6300 active listings (2600 are rooms and suites in hotels, etc.). About 4000 listings were removed as part of the registration/compliance process.


 Neighbor Tool, for concerns and complaints: https://www.airbnb.com/neighbors

 For more information about registration in San Francisco: https://www.airbnb.com/sf-faq

 Our team’s contact information: sf-outreach@airbnb.com

 My contact information is below.


Cali Martin


San Francisco

M: (415) 203-3662

W: (415) 510-4159


ArtWalk:  Next Saturday 4/28/2018