2018.05.14 LoHaMNA Agenda & Public Minutes

5/14 Meeting Lohamna Topics


  • Department of Elections Presentation
  • MBA Consultant Program for Merchants
  • Meet the Lower Haight Beat Cop
  • Guest Presentation: SFHAC (Action Coalition) – Corey Smith – “SF Politics 101”


Board Members in attendance:

    • Robert Patterson, Natalie Burdick, Eleanor Harte, Julia Prochnik

General Meeting Notes

1) Poppy and Eva from SF Elections Department



    1. Gave a PowerPoint presentation and handed out material to everyone in room reminding them to vote on June 5. At the time of the presentation they still needed 700 poll workers.
      1. YOU can be a poll worker- one day gig
      2. 6am to 9pm
      3. Earn up $195 
      4. Yes training to help be a poll worker.
      5. You can watch workers on Election Day- transparency to show nothing shady
    2. In 1878 the election department was created
    3. Requirements: must be 18 years old, US citizen, SF resident, and not currently in state or federal prison or parole for conviction of felony.
    4. If have a misdemeanor then yes you can vote – so register
    5. There are 800k in SF and only 475,700 registered to vote and 285,432 vote by mail
      1. Make sure your envelope is signed and sealed; Signature is important to verify your identity
      2. Drop off in mail and postmark before or on June 5
      3. City hall drop off or Drop off at any polling in CA- NEW
        • City hall voting center opens May 7- go and vote 8am to 5pm — take your kids
        • Open sat and sun last two weekends before June 5
        • 583 polling stations in SF and accessibility options.
    6. Learn how to vote and go online for more information at sfelections.org
      1. You can change political party preference, address or name to register any changes
      2. SF has ranked vote: three choices –
        • everybody first choice counts. 50 plus 1 could be tie factor – if no one gets 50 plus 1 then lowest is off. Their second and third votes get reassigned. Second choice then try to get 50 plus one by choice three someone has 50 plus one.  Go online to watch video if confused.  Buckets of water Analogy
        • Yes you can write in candidates. Qualified list of certified write in.you can choose three write in candidates with all qualifications. 
      3. Voter pamphlet has been mailed 
      4. You can listen to the pamphlet on the web while doing dishes 😉
      5. State measures guide was mailed and also online
      6. State ballot has 10 languages; Choose your ballot translation if need Korean or Vietnamese
      7. Yes live streaming to ensure checks and balances — this is your city and your choice


2) Lower Haight Merchant MBA Program

  1. This program will match a business with a Master in Business Administration graduate student to help with business planning decisions.
  2. Lynn wants to help 
  3. Students using it for credit 
  4. On website soon – any feedback? Know of any merchants who are interested, then please send to the board. 

3) Cory, President of United Democrats and Presentation on SF Politics 101

–  Largest charter Democrat club in SF and second largest in state

– You can attend United Dem mtgs at 55 Fillmore IBEW

– 50 shades of blue (democratic battles on local level)

– Intent of ppt is to explain local politics 

– History

– About 30 years not elected Republican in SF

– Political party and issue-by-issue re mod and progressive

– SF history is in constant change 

– John Barbagelata last republican who could have won. But GEORGE Moscone wanted to change the city with blue cop cars

– Progressive voter index dark blue is more progressive =west side is more moderate

– Local govt – 11 districts and a strong mayor city

– City budget is 10.1 billion dollars

– Spend on almost $5 billion on enterprise systems

– $1.2 billion on set asides voter mandates 

– Health care system is biggest employers- $1.7 billion dollars

– $900 million on safety

– $1.3 billion in discretionary – dolled up in each 2-year budget cycle

– Democracy is a team sport

  • Members vote and United Democrats choose to endorse London Breed
  • (All points below made by United Democrats spokesperson)
      • Support London because: wake of national stuff she has the backbone to stand up – like she did to white super mist group
      • Affordable housing units and flew to DC to lobby HUDD to help keep units
      • She gets the big picture- HOUSING agenda is strongest on affordable housing and at all income levels 
      • Mark Leno is Cory’s number 2
      • Read the first sentences in the voter guide for Cory’s POV
  • Discussion on number of mayors – all do something


Open Member Discussion Q&A:

Topic: 5G technology

  • SF transit poles to wireless tech companies – they need 3,000 and putting in front of homes and don’t meet FCC requirements – There is no 5G requirement in residential areas
  • Possible 5G pole on 400 block of Haight St. filed an appeal to block it
  • SF muni has leases to put up the antennas 
  • June Board of Appeals hearing to put moratorium to give agreements out to city and county until people can verify this with real knowledge- potential health risk
  • We have a right to know about these new poles and the 5G requirements
  • Possible update at next meeting

4) Meet the Lower Haight Beat Cop –

  • Presentation Cancelled – Police Did not Attend Meeting