8.14.17 Public Meeting Minutes



  • Board
    • Robert
    • Gio
    • Scott
    • Amy
    • Lawrence
    • Adrienne
  • Community
    • Jeremy
    • Henry
    • Nicky
    • Two Jacks
    • Garrett
    • Teresa
    • Vos
    • Claudia
    • Amber
    • Heather
    • Matt
    • Brian


  1. Claudia, Marketing and Outreach Intern, Energy Program at San Francisco Department of the Environment


Topic: “Are you concerned about your high utility bills and/or are trying to save money somewhere?  Then please join our next meeting to learn more about the SFEW program. SFEW is a government partnership between the city and PG&E and it provides financial incentives and technical assistance for energy efficiency upgrades in your business.  Also SFEW is launching a pilot for businesses that have refrigeration equipment tohelp small grocery store, liquor store, bar, and restaurant owners monitor the energy use and educate them on the importance of maintaining their refrigeration units for optimal operation. To achieve long-term energy savings, both behavioral and maintenance aspects need to be integrated.”


  • Mostly no cost and rebates for small businesses.
  • Has a specialty program for refrigerator upgrades
  • Microloans to improve energy efficiency up to $2500
  • 3 year pilot to collect data to have PGE improve their programs
  • Ex: Vos, a local business owner, really happy with the program.

Email Claudia if you want more information claudia.espino@sfgov.org 

  1. Assemblymember David Chiu

Topic: work in Sacramento & get feedback on legislative priorities  


  • Housing
    • In next 6 weeks, story to be told about how we address the housing crisis. Invest more public dollars into affordable housing, proposals to how we build housing, number of bills that will hopefully hold neighborhoods accountable to build housing when new businesses are built.
  • Homelessness
    • Save money before someone becomes homeless — housing first policy proposed.
  • Public Safety
    • In CA, we have rape evidence kits that are just sitting and every rape kit gets tested. More transparency and accountability for those who should be brought to justice
  • Dems are leading the charge to resist Trump with Immigration. Immigration Worker Protection Act, require Trump’s ICE Agents to supply a warrant to do a raid. Immigrant Tenant Law–stops landlords from using tactics to get more money or evict
  • Q:
    • Airbnb
      • Open to more laws and that they need to have laws enforced
      • Office of Short term rental needs to be advised about the ~200 Airbnbs here
    • New apartments are displacing people (gentrification)
      • How do we protect tenants and how can we have more affordable housing
    • commercial rent control for landlords would be a state law change
      • Possible to increase vacancy fee — Chiu is a proponent
      • Legacy program, cap on businesses
      • Tax break for long term rentals
    • MTA fees are high for needed commerce, festivals, etc. for street closure proposals.
      • Supportive of a more streamlined process
    • Safety and Security–car break ins, theft, etc.
      • More cops on beat patrols, more cases brought to judges, and people actually are held accountable. Proponent of community watches
    • Reach out to Catie if need be


  1. Call for Proposals > The Lower Haight Merchant and Neighbors Association Community Micro-Grant Program.

Due by Sept. 30th.

LoHaMNA MicroGrants are small grants designed to have a macro impact for the Lower Haight Community. Merchants, residents, neighbors and members of the community are eligible to apply in the form of reimbursements for implements projects that benefit the Lower Haight community.

Information >


  1. Ford Bikeshare

Negatives: Servicing Airbnbs, lots of advertising, chain, eye sore

Positives: highlights merchant corridors to hopefully drive more foot traffic to our area. Seems to be actively used.  

SFMTA can be contacted in regards to concerns. Data will be available soon to see who is using it.

Q: is there going to be improvements to the Wiggle? What can we do to bring more people to small businesses?

  1. By Laws

To be posted by the end of September.

  1. Open Forum

 400 block of Haight is getting decimated with businesses leaving. 478 Haight to be redeveloped and hopefully bring more life into that block.

August 26th shop local day for Fillmore Street Neighborhood Association to celebrate 100 years.

Bean There space has been rented and new tenant will hopefully present at the next meeting.

Frozen Kustard – hoping to open by the end of the month

Vegan Bakery opened – Next to sightglass

Kantine Bakery to go into Little Hollywood spot.  No real feedback regarding this location.