Neighborhood Pop Up – Event Recap

LH Event

On Saturday, March 27, 2021, the Lower Haight Merchants & Neighbors Association organized a “Neighborhood Pop Up“. It was a series of art, music, and community pop up activities along Waller, Haight, and Page Streets in the Lower Haight. It was LoHaMNA’s first ever “socially distant” event, due to Covid-19, and the first event organized since the end of 2019.

We want to give a big thank you to all the artists, sponsors, musicians, businesses, neighbors, and people who came out to support! This event’s sole purpose was to beautify the Lower Haight and bring the community together for a positive purpose.

What We Accomplished:

  • Installed a permanent Little Free Library @ Waller & Steiner.
  • Painted (5) long-term murals at local businesses and public spaces.
  • Built and installed (7) planter boxes along Page Street, at the intersections of Scott to Fillmore Streets.


Look out for more events later in 2021! For daily updates, check us out on Instagram.



Event Gallery

Artist: Todd Kurnat | Location: Nickie’s Bar

Artist: Britt Henze | Location: Popular Market Wall

Artist: Orlie Kapitulnik | Location: Kate’s Kitchen
Sponsored By: Paint The Void & Oliver Space

(@orliegrams / More Photos)

Artist: Danielle Bellantonio | Location: Kibatsu

(@dbella_art / More Photos)

Artist: Luinova | Location: Haight & Webster

(@luinova / More Photos)

Little Free Library | Location: Waller & Steiner

Planter Box Rally | Page Street (Scott to Fillmore Street)

Additional Street Pop Ups

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