March 29, 2020

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Mission Statement / What This is

Welcome to Neighbors Helping Neighbors! This page is an evolving directory of resources you can use to help your block. It’s a live page; we’ll be adding to it often.  

Neighbors Helping Neighbors is an initiative in collaboration with the Lower Haight Merchants and Neighbors Association, to help out during the COVID – 19 pandemic.

The purpose of this program is to organize the neighborhood block by block, with these priorities:

  • Recruit block representatives to be a resource to coordinate help for their blocks
  • Check on and help any neighbors who are isolated, lonely, or sick.
  • Communicate what we’re seeing to the city
  • Communicate what the district and city are doing back to the neighborhood

We are here to help. 

Who We Are

Block Representatives Directory

  • All the reps and their contact information. Please respect everyone’s privacy and do not share this outside of the group. 

Resources for Outreach

What is this program? Text you can use. 

  • Text for flyering door-to-door
  • Descriptions of the program if someone asks you what you’re up to. 

Block Rep Recruitment Flyer Template 1

Block Rep Recruitment Flyer Template 2

Door Hanger for Block Representatives

Hole-and-rubber-band hanger for Block Representatives 

Block Representatives flier for resident outreach (Gdoc)

Block Representatives flier for resident outreach – 2 fliers/page (Word)

Block Representatives Tearable flier for resident outreach (Gdoc)

Resources for Residents

Support for Those in Financial Stress. Maintained by Sara Orton. Please contact her if there’s something you come across you’d like to add. 

San Francisco Volunteer COVID Opportunities (In-person and remote)

Cliff’s Variety – store that has everything in the Castro! Mike Blackford from Cliff’s lives in the neighborhood, and has volunteered to be a getter-of-things/MacGyver for our residents in need. Most importantly – they can figure out alternatives for things like sanitizer, disinfectants, etc. If your residents need something, call Mike at (415) 830-7904‬ and reference Lower Haight Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Mike can figure out payments via Paypal, or if you need help making the payments work, contact Dan and he will take care of it. 

For more information e-mail:


Do You Know ANyone Who Needs Assistance?