2019.02.09 LoHaMNA Agenda and Public Minutes

Agenda Topics

  • Introductions


  • Waste Management Training from Recology “It’s time to create less waste” Presentation
    • Waste has tripled since 2000. SF’s Zero Waste Goal for 2020 has been revised by Mayor Breed to:
      • Reduce municipal solid waste generation by 15% by 2030 (reducing what goes to recycling, composting, and trash).

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2018.11.12 LoHaMNA Agenda and Public Minutes

LoHaMNA 11/12/2018 Meeting

Agenda Topics

  • General Introductions


  • Meet David Chiu, your State Assembly Member for California’s 17th District

– Assemblymember Chiu provided a brief biography and shared his legislative focus and efforts in Sacramento:

– Addressing the Housing Crisis

Fighting Trump administration both against and through lawsuits regarding reproductive rights and census requirements

He is currently the housing community development chair and head of proposition 1 and 2 providing housing for mental health and homelessness.

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2018.10.07 LoHaMNA Agenda and Public Minutes

  • General Introductions


  • Maxine Health Center

Maxine Hall Health Center has plans to temporarily relocate to Golden Gate and Steiner Street Mini Park, which is four blocks from the current location, for a capital improvement project.

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2018.08.13 LoHaMNA Agenda and Public Minutes

8/13 LoHaMNA Agenda and Minutes


Topic #1 Supervisor Vallie Brown Presentation

– DPW 5 Days a week subcontractors to be added to Lower Haight Corridor for cleaning, education

– Supervisor Brown to work with Recology, DPW in improving Lower Haight Corridor


Main goals of Supervisor Brown

  1. Solutions for Unhoused Residents to link to the city services, nonprofit services via pilot programs with strong accountability.

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2018.05.14 LoHaMNA Agenda and Public Minutes

5/14 Meeting Lohamna Topics


  • Department of Elections Presentation
  • MBA Consultant Program for Merchants
  • Meet the Lower Haight Beat Cop
  • Guest Presentation: SFHAC (Action Coalition) – Corey Smith – “SF Politics 101”


Board Members in attendance:

    • Robert Patterson, Natalie Burdick, Eleanor Harte, Julia Prochnik

General Meeting Notes

1) Poppy and Eva from SF Elections Department



    1. Gave a PowerPoint presentation and handed out material to everyone in room reminding them to vote on June 5.

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2018.04.16 LoHaMNA Agenda and Public Minutes

-Update on winners of the Q1 2018 microgrant.  Awarded to Groove Merchants and Concept 47


-Update on the Ford GoBike station at Haight/Pierce.   

London Breed has requested the station be removed based on some community feedback. 

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2.12.18 Public Minutes

  1. SFPUC Rate Increase – Tracy and Erin
    1. Project Scope
      1. 87 water projects currently in the works
      2. $4.8 billion improvement, 95% complete
      3. Investing in diversified water systems
        1. Conservation
          1. 80% from Hetch Hetchy
        2. Recycled Water
      4. Improvements
        1. Treatment plant improvements
        2. Stormwater diversion programs
      5. Service value
        1. $.4 to get a gallon of great water
        2. Proposition 218 – 7.6% increase annually
          1. About $10 more each year over the 4 year period
          2. About 80% will go to capital improvements
      6. Commission Hearing
        1. April 10th
      7. sfwater.org/waystosave
        1. Offers:
          1. Washer rebates
          2. Free toilet replacements
          3. Water saving devices
          4. Water-wise evaluations
  2. 400 Divisadero Update – Luis Cuadra
    1. Proposal: 1 acre site
      1. 6 stories on Divis and 4 stories on Oak
      2. 100,000 sq ft for:
        1. 177 apartments @ 305-950 sq ft units
        2. Garage
          1. 75 automobiles
          2. 55 bikes
        3. About 12 commercial spaces  
        4. Rideshare alcove
      3. Benefits
        1. Remove traffic from 500 cars per day
        2. Make it safer for people to walk (Divisadero/Oak/Fell are all on city’s Vision Zero high-injury corridor network)
        3. Create more community spaces
      4. Suggestions for car washes to use in the future:
        1. “Touchless” – Magic Auto Detail at Japantown (http://magicdetail.com/)
        2. Convenience – the car wash that comes to you (http://www.getwasche.com/)
      5. Contact:
        1. More info at www.400divisadero.com  
        2. David runs an Open House called “have a beer with the developer” at Madrones Bar, between 5-7p on Wednesday nights
        3. Transportation & Merchant workshops
        4. Questions?

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12.11.17 Public Meeting Minutes


  1. Better Market Street
    1. Jennifer Blot
      1. Deputy Director of Communications & Public Affairs
      2. 2017_12_11_BMS Lower Haight
    2. Powerpoint to come & be posted to our site
  2. Beat Cop
    1. Working with SF Police Department to get a cop for better hours in our neighborhood, still waiting on return call/email from Northern Station Captain
  3. Board Slate: Slate committee will organize filling slate for 2018 per previously outlined timeline.

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