2018.05.14 LoHaMNA Agenda & Public Minutes

5/14 Meeting Lohamna Topics


  • Department of Elections Presentation
  • MBA Consultant Program for Merchants
  • Meet the Lower Haight Beat Cop
  • Guest Presentation: SFHAC (Action Coalition) – Corey Smith – “SF Politics 101”


Board Members in attendance:

    • Robert Patterson, Natalie Burdick, Eleanor Harte, Julia Prochnik

General Meeting Notes

1) Poppy and Eva from SF Elections Department



    1. Gave a PowerPoint presentation and handed out material to everyone in room reminding them to vote on June 5.

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2018.04.16 LoHaMNA Agenda and Public Minutes

-Update on winners of the Q1 2018 microgrant.  Awarded to Groove Merchants and Concept 47


-Update on the Ford GoBike station at Haight/Pierce.   

London Breed has requested the station be removed based on some community feedback. 

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2.12.18 Public Minutes

  1. SFPUC Rate Increase – Tracy and Erin
    1. Project Scope
      1. 87 water projects currently in the works
      2. $4.8 billion improvement, 95% complete
      3. Investing in diversified water systems
        1. Conservation
          1. 80% from Hetch Hetchy
        2. Recycled Water
      4. Improvements
        1. Treatment plant improvements
        2. Stormwater diversion programs
      5. Service value
        1. $.4 to get a gallon of great water
        2. Proposition 218 – 7.6% increase annually
          1. About $10 more each year over the 4 year period
          2. About 80% will go to capital improvements
      6. Commission Hearing
        1. April 10th
      7. sfwater.org/waystosave

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12.11.17 Public Meeting Minutes


  1. Better Market Street
    1. Jennifer Blot
      1. Deputy Director of Communications & Public Affairs
      2. 2017_12_11_BMS Lower Haight
    2. Powerpoint to come & be posted to our site
  2. Beat Cop
    1. Working with SF Police Department to get a cop for better hours in our neighborhood, still waiting on return call/email from Northern Station Captain
  3. Board Slate: Slate committee will organize filling slate for 2018 per previously outlined timeline.

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11.13.17 Public Meeting Minutes

  1. Art Walk – Saturday December 9th from 3p-8p
    1. Haight from Scott to Laguna
  2. Haight Street Art Center (email Gio at gacosta1@gmail.com)
    1. Screen printing demonstration and Q & A with Jeremy Fish
  3. Nominating Committee to be set by January
    1. Slate to be set by January 14th and to be voted on by paying members on February 12th
  4. Merchant’s Financial relief ideas for Haight St.

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10.9.17 Public Meeting Minutes

  1. Haight Street Art Center–Peter
    1. Working with Jeremy Fish who would like to have a reception, possibly early November
    2. Any businesses want to hang up fliers?
  1. Micro Grant Winner
    1. Jean Marx from Cove
      1. Trees Lights for the 200 blk of Fillmore
  2. Art Walk
    1. Potential dates–Saturday 6p-10p
      1. December 2nd
      2. December 9th
    2. Thoughts?

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9.11.17 Public Meeting Notes


  • Jeremy Schaub
    • Schaub | Ly | Architects Inc. for 474-478 Haight St. Mixed-Use Design
    • Proposal to demolish Lee’s and the residential unit to create 2 commercial spaces and bike parking (bottom floor), office spaces and communal back deck (second floor), residential, 2 or 3 bedrooms (third floor)
    • 11 residential units @ market rate and 1 below market rate of the required 12%, using the state density bonus program, most likely for sale
    • Proposal for 57 ft high, 27000 sq
    • Space has been vacant for 12 years and Lee family is sponsoring
    • Owner is in favor of reducing blight and graffiti
    • Required planning department meeting prior to submittal on September 20th.

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8.14.17 Public Meeting Minutes



  • Board
    • Robert
    • Gio
    • Scott
    • Amy
    • Lawrence
    • Adrienne
  • Community
    • Jeremy
    • Henry
    • Nicky
    • Two Jacks
    • Garrett
    • Teresa
    • Vos
    • Claudia
    • Amber
    • Heather
    • Matt
    • Brian


  1. Claudia, Marketing and Outreach Intern, Energy Program at San Francisco Department of the Environment


Topic: “Are you concerned about your high utility bills and/or are trying to save money somewhere?  

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